Weight: 210 Kg  18768516_808488045979757_8889741122280692640_o

Drive: Electric Rear Wheel

Motors: 2  x Lynch LEM 200 D135 RAGS

Peak Power- 36 kW

Battery: Cell Technology- LiPo

capacity- 6.35 kWh

Custom BMS with integrated Cooling

Chassis: Steel Spaceframe; Weight- 28 Kg

Aerodynamics: Aerodynamically optimized CFRP Diffuser and Nose

CFRP Bodyworks

Suspension: Double unequal length, non-parallel SS A-arms

CFRP customized Steering Rack Assembly

Transmission: Single-stage Planetary Gear Reduction

Weight- 4 Kg

IE and DAQ: Self-customized Safety Circuits