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Atharva is our 2017 Project, It's a fully electric open wheel formula type race car which participated in Formula Student Germany in 2017 and won the Formula Bharat Design competition in 2018 

  • Weight: 210 Kg
  • Drive: Electric Rear Wheel
  • Motors: 2 x Lynch LEM 200 D135 RAGS             
    Peak Power- 36 kW
  • Battery: Cell Technology- LiPo
    Capacity- 6.35 kWh
    Custom BMS with integrated Cooling
  • Chassis: Steel Spaceframe; Weight- 28 Kg
  • Aerodynamics: Aerodynamically optimized CFRP Diffuser and Nose
    CFRP Bodyworks
  • Suspension: Double unequal length, non-parallel SS A-arms
    CFRP customized Steering Rack Assembly
  • Transmission: Single-stage Planetary Gear Reduction
    Weight- 4 Kg
  • IE and DAQ: Self-customized Safety Circuits

WS 117-A, Central Workshop,
IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi,
Pin - 110016


Team Captain:
Sahil Singh Malik
Phone:+91 - 70159 72873