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Axlr8r Formula Racing is a Formula SAE team of IIT, Delhi. The team comprises of around 25 undergraduate students from various departments who fabricate an open wheel electric formula race car.

We innovate, design and excel! 

Being Motorsport enthusiasts and budding engineers, we take up a task of designing and fabricating a single-seat formula style race-car and participate at International Formula Student events viz. Formula Student Germany and Formula Bharat, Formula Student UK, Formula Student California which get participation from number of teams around the globe. Thus, this gives Axlr8r Formula Racing India exposure to high-class engineering and helps develop the engineering practices of students that are going to be an important part in the development of technology in India. 

Since its inception in 2006, we have built 5 Combustion Vehicles and 3 Electric Vehicles.

Axlr8r Formula Racing participated in Formula Student Germany which is the world’s biggest university-level design competition held in Hockenheim, Germany with over 118 international teams participating from around 25 nations. Axlr8r Formula Racing was one of the only two teams from India who participated in Formula Student Electric in FSG’19. We were the first Indian electric team to clear all the technical inspections approving all German standards and the first and the only Indian electric team to drive our car on German tracks. We had an upstanding performance in the static events which included Business Plan Presentation, Engineering Design event and Cost and Manufacturing event. The team also competed in dynamic events comprising of Autocross, Acceleration and Endurance being one of the 23 electric teams who were able to compete in Endurance Event which is the most important dynamic event in the competition completing 13 out of 18 laps leaving behind the established German teams. The team has successfully achieved all its goals and performed beyond expectations thereby raising the benchmark by elevating the Indian flag in German grounds. We hope to come up with flying colours in the next events.


"We are all artists, the track is our canvas and the car is our brush."


Our mission is and has always been to innovate, to broaden the frontiers of every student through our creativity, ingenuity, and dexterity. Axlr8r Formula Racing is dedicated to designing, fabricating, testing, developing, racing and promoting the finest Formula racing car. 



Axlr8r Formula Racing team envisions to design, build, and compete with a new Formula style race car each year - integrating classroom concepts with real world applications. We aim to develop and an unmatched opportunity to develop skills in engineering, manufacturing and leadership.


WS 117-A, Central Workshop,
IIT Delhi, Hauz Khas,
New Delhi,
Pin - 110016


Email: kaushik.deepansu@gmail.com
Phone: 8368141685


Please send us your ideas, bug reports, suggestions! Any feedback would be appreciated.